Tiny Talent World offers Visual Arts and Theatre Acting on Canvas, Acting for Theatre Improv-movement and Voice, and Acting for Film and Television.

What is Tiny Talent World?

Tiny Talent World is an arts and performing-arts centre offering a uniquely premium range of classes in acting, theatre and improvisation, dancing, singing, painting, writing, and yoga and meditation.Tiny Talent World creates a foundation for artistic and personal growth by providing children with skills and confidence that will help them accomplish anything they wish as they grow older. We are also a knowledge hub for parents who want to learn about supporting their children if they wish to pursue a show-business career.

Our members are taken on a one-year or six-month basis. They attend after school, during holidays and seasonal break periods. Special playtime and events are also conducted in groups or on a private and semi-private basis.

Tiny Talent World focuses on three divisions: children and their parents; casting directors and production companies; and secondary schools and daycare centres. Tiny Talent World caters to families of all backgrounds with children aged 4 to 18 who are interested in the arts, the performing arts and applied visual arts. Tiny Talent World creates an inspiring environment with an exceptional curriculum through its diverse activities, led by highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in the entertainment industry.

For families who value the importance of higher education, the arts, and the performing arts, Tiny Talent World offers a great alternative or complement to traditional child development and guidance. Our targeted interest-based programs can either springboard children into the film industry or simply help them become well-rounded human beings. Tiny Talent World works to give its members a sense of self-worth and self-esteem by getting them accustomed to being on stage and speaking in front of an audience. Unlike some other local acting schools, it will also be there to guide parents in the right direction if their children are interested in continuing in the entertainment field.

We stand


Have Fun

All children love to have fun and express themselves – and that’s something we certainly know how to get behind! Tiny Talent World encourages children to dive into our activities, where their imagination will be sparked by our exciting acting, painting, writing, singing, and dancing programs… all under one roof!

Act, Paint, Write, Dance and Sing

It doesn’t matter if your child can’t do any of this yet – we are here to show them how and help them develop! Your child will love learning these key performing-arts skills.

Make Tiny Talent World Friends around the World

Our Tiny Talent World members will make friends with their class peers as well children from around the world with our international cultural, arts and performing-arts discoveries. We’ll look after your child and help them build lifelong friendships.

Build Confidence

Witnessing our Tiny Talents blossom as they discover their confidence through the art form they choose to pursue is our ultimate purpose! Let’s bring the best out in our children in a way that feels good to them, embracing who they are in the moment and helping them to enjoy themselves and learn to grow