Tiny Talent World Membership packages:

Tiny Talent world classes are based on membership, and each membership is based on a one-year commitment and a six-month commitment, through the Platinum one and Platinum six, the Gold one and Gold six, and the Silver one and Silver six. We work with small classes, depending on the membership and how many days per week are chosen. This way, children have the attention they deserve and can make lifetime memories, bonding with their craft as artists and also with their group. Each member will have our undivided attention in whatever program area they choose to explore.

Our Packages
  •   Visual Arts and Applied Arts
  •   Drama for Theatre, etc.
  •   Writing and Poetry
  •   Yoga and Meditation
  •   International Guest Teachers
  •   Dancing
  •   Voice and Movement
  •   Stage Improv and Story Development


Price 6 months: € 700 Price 1 Year : € 1200


Price 6 months: € 2100 Price 1 year: € 2400


Price 6 months: € 3000 Price 1 year: € 3600